Pocket Dev Update: NOTHING!!!

It’s slow.  It could be a month or two before we have anything really exciting.  Those of you that are left over from Alpha 1 may have noticed there was a small UI update.  There may be a few more things like that sneaking their way in but not many.  There is just a good chunk of back end to work through.  We did fix the biggest problems with iOS, now its a waiting game to get some silly business number to be able to put stuff on the App Store. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Hopefully we have some better news in the next couple weeks.  But for now, nobody get too excited.

If you are feeling a little crazy you can email us at straypixelgames@gmail.com and say that you want to do a video call.  We do a few of these every week or so. You will get to talk to our designer (ME!), and we will send you a PC build of the app so you can screen share as you try it out.