Don’t stop believing!


So iOS is 1 bug away from being ready for Alpha 1.  It’s a few weeks behind android at this point.  We have been working so much on that, that we haven’t had time to push out the fixes and improvements we made to the Android Alpha 1.  The good news is, as soon as we figure out iOS we are going to be ready for actually playable games!  That will be Alpha 2.  You will basically be able to make a small platformer game with 3 hard coded objects.  While everyone is messing around with that we will finally be starting the node based scripting language.  Animations have to wait until we start this as well.  Alpha 2 will be a much larger scale, so if you have signed up for access, you will probably be testing it.  We would love it if we could be there by the end of this month, but we really have no idea.

Finally a big thank you to everyone who has helped out with the first Alpha on Android.  Especially if you sent feedback. We found a few bugs and made some major improvements to the layout.  Alpha 2 will be better because of you!

Always remember, don’t do drugs unless a doctor recommends it.  Please tell your friends, family and physicians to sign up for Pocket dev!  We need as many people involved as we can so we can make sure we get enough input.  You are all beautiful.