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24 Hours to answer a survey for Pocket Game Developer

Hey everyone! It’s been a while.  We are busy working away on Alpha 1.6.  I have an 8 to 9 question survey looking over some concept art.  If you want


Pocket Dev Update: NOTHING!!!

It’s slow.  It could be a month or two before we have anything really exciting.  Those of you that are left over from Alpha 1 may have noticed there was


Don’t stop believing!

  So iOS is 1 bug away from being ready for Alpha 1.  It’s a few weeks behind android at this point.  We have been working so much on that,


Pocket Game Developer

This is...or will be a fully featured game engine that runs completely on your mobile device. Create games from scratch with no programming knowledge required. There is currently a terrible alpha version on google play, but don't download it. It's terrible. Please drink responsibly.

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